Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi ho, Hi ho, off to college we go...

Took my baby to college over the weekend.  Interesting events, lots of Murphy's Law moments. I packed stuff in my car in the afternoon and then we packed both cars Thursday night. I put the hand cart in my car and it took up most of the back seat so I couldn't fit as much in there as I wanted. Hubby kept saying he wanted the small "filler" type stuff for his trunk because he had small empty spaces.  I told him they were "filling" the small empty spaces in my trunk and what use would moving them be.  We did move around stuff in my car and rearranged some of the small spaces into a bigger space for a box.  The drive was uneventful, except the last stretch which is really boring and sleep inducing. Maybe I should record it and play it back the next time I can't sleep.   Had to stop and stretch my legs and wake up.  We made it to Tallahassee.  Weather was great all the way, that is until 1 block before the dorm and then the heavens opened up.  Decided the best place to park was in the parking garage, which, fortunately, the dorm allows anyone to park in during the week when kids are being dropped off.  I got a fairly good spot near the covered walkway from the garage to the dorm.  We took the rolling suitcases and away we went to check in.  Check in went ok, except they didn't have keys to the room, so we had to wait for them to make a set of keys.  Roommate was in room, so we went up to drop off suitcases.  Met roommate and her parents.  Found out air conditioner wasn't working and it was stuck on 61, brrrrrrr.  Roomate's parents already put in maintenance request.  We went and got a cart, not just any cart, but the huge 3 tiered cart to bring our stuff.  We managed to get everything from the car onto the cart (didn't need the hand cart, oh well).  Brought the stuff into the room.  Found out that the dorm no longer allows the beds to be raised to highest level due to insurance.  So the drawer bins that we bought and had already filled wouldn't fit under the bed.  Found out we could use bed risers. So put bed risers on list of things to buy.  Then we went to Walmart, where they were having the back to school maddness sale (or something of that nature) public schools up there started Monday also.  Managed to get everything we needed except bed risers, because nobody who worked at Walmart ever heard of them. Went to check in at hotel.  Gave us a room on 2nd floor (no elevator), schlepped all stuff up stairs to find out room not fit for occupancy, trash, no tv, dirty etc.  Called down stairs (after banging on broken phone) they said to come back to office.  Left my baby with the stuff and went to office.  they gave me another room across the street and up stairs.  I said, let me think about this.  After much trouble canceling reservation (had to have hubby call since reservation was in his name, which wasn't easy since hubby was driving), then they said they would upgrade room for same cost, had to have hubby call back and make new reservation before we could get the room.  Room across the street but on bottom floor.  The parking lot was only partially paved.  Very interesting.  Got stuff in room and went to dinner.  Dinner went well (surprise!).  Dropped baby off at dorm and went to "BED, BATH AND BEYOND" (using my buzz lightyear voice).  Found bed risers... woo hoo.  Went back to hotel and then hubby arrived and it was late, we went to sleep.
Day 2:  Got up and had breakfast.  Squeezed into car loaded with stuff.  Headed to dorm, texted daughter and woke her up, roommate still asleep as they were up until 3am... Hubby and I headed to Walmart.  Thought about taking daughter, but, unless we strap her on the roof, no room in car for her.  Made it to walmart and bought a few things.  Different walmart from day before, they had lots of bed risers... go figure, but "BED, BATH AND BEYOND" was cheaper.. Yay.  Hubby in a rush, didn't want stuff in car to be stolen.   Forgot stuff... oh well.  Daughter called.  roommate awake.  we headed back her way.  Parked in garage.  Hubby hates the garage, tight corners.  Got mega cart from dorm and loaded that and hand cart (which somehow we managed to fit into hubby's car from my car) and made 1 trip to dorm room.  Spent rest of morning setting up stuff (bed risers worked!).  air still not fixed.  brrrrr.  went out for lunch, brought hand cart back to car.  Hey did you know the hand cart comes apart for easy storage??? we do now!!! takes up much less room!!! oh well... we still managed to fit everything into the car.. well everything except for the box we forgot... yes we forgot a box at home. Not to worry, the missing box has been found and shipped to dorm. More unpacking and setting up dorm room.  Then we went to dinner to Ghengis Grill.  It's a mongolian grill.  You put your meat, veggies etc. in a bowl, pick spices, pick sauce and then they grill it for you.  Darling daughter didn't want to go.  But, we went anyway.  During dinner she tweeted that Ghengis grill was awesome..  and she didn't want to go....  after dinner dropped daughter, who now love Ghengis grill back at dorm and hubby and I went to hotel to relax.
Day 3: Stopped by dorm to say good bye to my baby.  Baby is hungry, got to take baby out for breakfast.  Hubby said goodbye and went on his way.  By the time we decided where to go, it was 11:30 and we ended up having lunch at golden corral.  After breakfast I was going to take baby back to dorm, she asked if we could go to the college and see where her classes will be.  Hubby didn't believe that it was daughter's idea.. "stop mother henning"  he said.  I put daughter on phone who reassured hubby that it was her idea.  We went to school and scoped out location of all her classes.  Started heading back to dorm to drop baby off.  She didn't want to go back to the dorm.  Ok, so we couldn't just drive around all day, so I suggested mall.  She picked Governer's Square Mall.  So off to the mall we went.  Walked around for a while, and hubby would be proud, we didn't buy anything!!!!  Then I dropped my baby off at the dorm and waved goodbye and started the long journey home.  When I got home I found the missing box, and told my husband "I'll be back, I'm just going to go drop off this box at the dorm"  He laughed.  Somehow he didn't believe me...  Okay, so I fought the urge to jump in the car and deliver the box in person.  Box mailed out Monday.  Daughter texts me all the time and we webcamed last night (is that a word? "webcammed", it is now). The marvels of technology.  Well I'm sure I forgot some interesting point that I'll have to revisit.  Oh yes, by the way, the air conditioner was fixed yesterday (Tuesday).  Daughter and roommate are now properly defrosted. 

Until next time,


PS:  one of these days I really will sit down and record the Hades/Grand Canyon adventure.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yo Quiero

Funny story.  A while back my hubby went to get tacos.  Since I don't eat meat I had him order tacos with no meat and no beans.  I was expecting tacos with lettuce, cheese, tomato etc. like a salad.  I opened the taco package to find empty taco shells.  Yes, empty taco shells.  So, my wonderful hubby took the empty taco shells back.  They told him they were a little confused by the order.  So instead of asking hubby what exactly I wanted, they just gave me empty shells.  Yo Quiero (I want) something in my shells, Please.

BBUMH's New Blog

Here it is, my new blog, a place where I can share all the stuff floating around in my head.  Fun, fun, fun.  Like our summer trip, you never know what's around the corner.  Speaking of our summer trip, one of these days I will dedicate a blog to our trip to Hades (AKA Las Vegas) and the Grand Canyon.  There is so much to tell.  But I think I will wait until I have at least 1 person following me before I delve into that.

Take Care,