Sunday, September 25, 2011

Herman Cain is The Darkest White Man I Have Ever Seen

If you are to believe Morgan Freeman and the liberals, Herman Cain is the darkest white man I have ever seen!  I mean, Herman Cain can’t be black!  Unless, Morgan Freeman was wrong!  Nah, Morgan Freeman has to be right. "[The tea party is] going to do whatever we need to do to get this black man -- we can -- we're going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here.  It is a racist thing." 

Morgan Freeman is charismatic actor and has a marvelous voice.  I enjoy his work, he plays likeable characters.  Here his is as President Beck in "Deep Imact."

Morgan Freeman is also the narrator for the upcoming movie "We the People" about the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

He has played presidents, God, is narrating the "We the People," and is the star of the wonderful series “Through the Wormhole.”  All his characters are trust worthy and/or patriotic.  His work enthuses people and instills faith in him and people believe what he says.  He couldn't be wrong, could he, not honorable, decent Morgan Freeman?  The tea party can’t want Obama out of office for something silly like his policies, his leadership or his character. It can’t be because of the disgraceful way he has conducted himself. It can’t be the financial disaster that is the country, the Solyndra scandal, the fast and furious scandal, the Gibson guitar scandal, the joke of a jobs bill or the silly repetitive speeches he makes. It has to be because Obama is black, because the tea party is racist.

Maybe it’s just a tea party diversionary tactic of some sort, but it seems like the bigoted tea party is beginning to support Herman Cain, a black man.  Herman Cain did glowingly in the debate in Orlando, people really seemed fond his debate style and they applauded the fact that he beat cancer. 

On Friday I was witness to the audience reaction to his speech.  The audience was laughing at his jokes and applauding his remarks, he was a real crowd pleaser and got a rousing standing ovation.  All those racist tea party people were standing up for Herman Cain, a black man.

During the final panel of the day the panel was discussing the debate and Presidential election.  Herman Cain he got the second biggest applause. The honor of the biggest applause went to Marco Rubio!  Yes, a Hispanic got the most applause followed second by Herman Cain. Surely that was just the thousand or so color blind tea partiers in attendance at that panel.  Surely it was just some kind of misguided appreciation?  Maybe they just like his big, blue bus.

Surely those racist tea party people won’t vote for Herman Cain. Today was the straw poll in Florida and Herman Cain handily beat Perry and Romney and all the other white candidates. That must be a fluke, some sort of error. 

Is Herman Cain himself some sort of racist?  Herman Cain went to Israel, talked to Israeli leaders and is an avid supporter of Israel and the Jews.The Jews!!! Herman Cain likes Jews!!! Racist!!

Those racist tea party people, they applaud Israel, applaud Jews, applaud Hispanic Marco Rubio and applaud Herman Cain. It must be some kind of devious plot, a conspiracy to throw the liberals off!  They couldn't just be Patriotic Americans who want to protect their country and who aren't racist, could they?

Could the problem with liberal propaganda that is that it’s all lies? If so, would Morgan Freeman  realize his mistaken belief and make amends in that beautiful voice of his, the one everyone trusts. If he continues to believe the tea party is racist then Morgan Freeman, himself, will have to call Florida straw poll winner Herman Cain, the darkest white man he has ever seen.

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  1. Excellent. Freeman really has no clue who the tea party even is. I think Congressman Allen West and his tea party support is another example of the true nature of the tea party