Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul’s Intelligent Paranoia Tour

I have to believe that Ron Paul is an intelligent man.  He is, as his supporters obsessively tout, a doctor, which requires some intelligence.  He also has displayed extensive knowledge on the inner workings of the government and Federal Reserve.  This does not mean that he is not also a paranoid loon when it comes to foreign policy/relations or that he is not a racist anti-Semite.  You would think an intelligent person would grasp the realities of the world at large, but Ron Paul’s paranoid isolationism prevents him from understanding the interconnectedness of the world and how the United States fits into the world picture. 

Ron Paul is an intelligent paranoid isolationist who is also racist and anti-Semitic. His intelligence gives him away.  How could someone who is so keenly aware of the goings on in the Federal Reserve not be aware of the content of newsletters written under his name?  He couldn’t be.  So why is Ron Paul denying he had knowledge of the content of the newsletters?  Again the answer comes down to intelligence.  Ron Paul is aware of the damage the newsletters can inflict on his campaign.  In this 1996 article the Houston Chronicle questions Paul about the newsletters.  Paul’s answers prove he was fully aware of the newsletters’ contents. 
So why would an intelligent man play the ignorant fool?  It seems as though Ron Paul has learned from past mistakes that the newsletters are trouble.  He knows that being a racist is detrimental to his campaign so he is attempting to distance himself from them.  Unfortunately for him, people remember him acknowledging his awareness and agreement with the content of the newsletters.  When he was called out on it in an interview, he stormed out.  His carefully laid out plan wasn’t so carefully laid out as he thought it was.  He couldn’t sit there and be proven a racist, that wouldn’t be good for his campaign, so he walked out.  Just because he avoided being proven a racist does not mean he is not a racist.  He is a racist, his newsletters, no matter how hard he tries to deny knowing the content, prove he is a racist.
Similarly, making anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian statements tend to point to anti-Semitism, but not conclusively. 
“And so I (Jeffery Scott Shapiro) asked Congressman Paul: if he were President of the United States during World War II, and as President he knew what we now know about the Holocaust, but the Third Reich presented no threat to the U.S., would he have sent American troops to Nazi Germany purely as a moral imperative to save the Jews?
And the Congressman answered:
‘No, I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t risk American lives to do that. If someone wants to do that on their own because they want to do that, well, that’s fine, but I wouldn’t do that.’”

In my opinion, making anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian statements coupled with the above statement and the fact that I can find no evidence that Ron Paul has met with any Jewish leaders or Jewish groups during this campaign, leads me to believe that Ron Paul is anti-Semitic.
Remember though, he is intelligent and he wants to win the race, so racism/anti-Semitism would not preclude him from working with any individuals if he thought they would be of some benefit to him or to his campaign. 

Put it on a bumper sticker Ron Paul for President: intelligent, racist, anti-Semitic, paranoid, loon.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Occupy Orlando is Like a Flock of Geese….

I recently saw a flock of geese; they come to a nearby lake during the day. 

Most people think of them as a nuisance. They tear up the grass, make a lot of noise and leave crap all around. 
At night the geese relocate to another area and every morning return to the lake. 

It reminds me of Occupy Orlando.  Every morning the occupiers enter Sen. Beth Johnson Park, tear up the grass, make a lot of noise and leave crap all around. 

The occupiers are not permitted in the park after closing.  I think the occupiers got the message after the police arrested people and hauled away their gear, on 2 separate occasions, when the occupiers and their gear remained in the park after closing. 

At night the occupiers relocate to a strip of grass outside the park where they tear up the grass, make a lot of noise and leave crap all around. 

Local residents complained and the city listened.  Police sent a notice saying they would not be allowed to camp at that location after midnight Sunday night.  At 12:01am Monday any person or belongings remaining in the grassy area will be removed.  Just like the geese, the occupiers are pests, are invading land that is not their own and need to be removed.  Hopefully after midnight Sunday night the occupiers will give up, I hope it’s not spring before they fly away.  I prefer the geese.

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