Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dear Rick Perry, Please Don't Hang Up Your Running Shoes

Rick Perry jumped in the race late and he has some catching up to do.  Is it too late?  I don’t think so.  He is slowly gaining momentum and making up ground.  True he’s had some snags along the way, but I don’t believe it is, at this point too late for him to overtake the other candidates.

Perry got off to a slow start.  He didn’t do very well in the early debates; he has improved greatly in this area.  As Perry himself has said, debates are not everything.  Perry’s poor debate performances were due to his back surgery.  His surgery sapped his energy, left him unable to exercise and certainly caused him pain.   As a nurse I can attest to the fact that back surgery of any kind is painful and does take time to recover from.  Certainly standing for long periods of time must have been excruciating and he was most likely taking prescription pain killers. 
Perry's running shoes have gotten his campaign moving. Perry's health is, improving, he has been seen jogging all around Iowa, an indication that his back is doing much better.  He certainly seems to have much more energy and exuberance.  His running shoes have helped keep him in the running.
Perry should at least stay in the race until the Florida primary.
I saw Perry speak at CPAC FL in September.  His debate performance was lacking, but his speech the next day was excellent:

must also mention that he had the largest audience of all the candidates (and all the top candidates were speaking) with standing room only.  This would indicate that he has a great deal of support in the state of Florida. 
Rick Perry has been handling himself very well lately, particularly with the media:
Just the other day Perry proved he can think on his feet.  Here is him putting Mike Allen of Politico, who claimed that someone on Perry’s staff said he wasn’t smart, in his place:

Perry’s quick thinking seems pretty smart and clever to me.
Whether or not his current momentum is enough to gain enough ground to win the GOP nomination us uncertain, but certainly it is enough to warrant him remaining in the race for a while longer.

So to Rick Perry I say: Please, Don't hang up your "running" shoes just yet.

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  1. Iowa is just one state of 50. He needs to wait until after more states have their say.