Thursday, January 5, 2012

I've Got a Name: Rick Perry

I had decided a while back not to come out and state who I’m voting for because I wasn’t really 100% sure and primaries were a long way away and things change, people drop out, more information becomes available. I also didn’t want to back one candidate and then find that he/she dropped out or wasn’t the GOP nominee. All the candidates have positive ideas. I was firm about not declaring who I am backing, that is until yesterday. An interesting thing happened in the last couple of days. I finally made up my mind which candidate I am voting for, assuming he is still in the running come the Florida Primary. I am going to vote for Rick Perry.

I have always liked Rick Perry. I like his ideas and views on the issues, jobs, the economy, national security and he is pro-Israel. He is a devout Christian who can get along well with Jews.

Unfortunately, early disappointments made me move away from Rick Perry. I went to CPAC FL to hear all the candidates speak. I especially wanted to hear Perry’s speech, especially after his disappointing performance at the debate the night before. I skipped lunch with friends to go listen to him and the other candidates in the afternoon speak. When I got there, it was standing room only. Rick Perry had the largest crowd for any candidate. It was an excellent speech and I wondered why is he able to make such an eloquent speech and yet fail so miserably at the debate?
Also that day I saw Herman Cain, I hadn’t considered him before but he was great in the debate the night before, and his speech drew everyone in. As I have said before: On Friday I was witness to the audience reaction to his speech. The audience was laughing at his jokes and applauding his remarks; he was a real crowd pleaser and got a rousing standing ovation. His policies made sense, true his 9-9-9 was a little hokey, but it was better than anyone else had presented at the time.

I came home and I guess I talked about Herman Cain a lot because my husband said “I guess you’re voting for Herman Cain.” So, Herman Cain moved to the top of the list. I still couldn’t bring myself to announce I was voting for Herman Cain. Though if you look at my twitter feed, it was obvious I liked Herman Cain. We all know what happened to Herman Cain, I think he got the short end of the stick, but he is no longer in the race.
Meanwhile, Rick Perry started to make his move. His debate performances improved, his speeches improved and all this coincided with his recovery from back surgery. Coincidence, I don’t think so. It seems that as his back healed, his performance improved. Back surgery is painful and the pain in addition to the pain medication he must have been on could be a very good reason why his early performances were lacking. As he’s healed, he began running and his health and the health of his performance improved.

Also in the last couple of days, Perry has been surging forward. There also was this confrontation of Mike Allen (that I can’t stop watching).

Then after the Iowa caucus Rick Perry was thinking of dropping out. I thought, oh no! I don’t want Rick Perry to drop out. I wrote this yesterday:
Dear Rick Perry, Please Don't Hang Up Your Running Shoes

I still hadn’t made up my mind 100%. I also like Newt Gingrich, but he has some baggage and I’m not sure how great a President he would really be. Some in my family like Newt, so he was also on the top of my list with Perry. Santorum and Huntsman would be satisfactory, but not my first choice. Bachmann is out. I won’t even discuss Ron Paul.

So here I was trying to decide between Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. I found myself defending Perry quite a bit yesterday and cheerleading for him, but still no firm commitment from me, until last night. Someone asked who I would vote for Gingrich or Perry and without even thinking I said “Perry.” Well, there you go, mind made up. I chose Perry over Gingrich (and all the other candidates). I guess I made up my mind without even knowing I made up my mind. I hope he still is in the race for the Florida primary. I hope he eventually becomes our GOP nominee. I think he has what it takes to be President.
So if you ask me “you got a name?” I can say yup, his name is Rick Perry.

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  1. As we go through candidates one by one, Rick Perry is the only one in the field I would vote for. He's a Christian, for the family values, for supporting Israel, etc. Santorum has too many liberal votes, Gingrich is full of hot air and himself, Romney is out of the question, and Ron Paul is too much of an isolationist, and Huntsman is a rhino. Glad Perry is sticking it out!