Thursday, May 17, 2012

Critical Race Theory War: The Truth is Out There

In Thomas Sowell’s piece ‘A Censored Race War,’ The media ignore racially motivated black-on-white crime’ he states “…race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson but also lesser-known people in the media, in educational institutions, and elsewhere who hype grievances and make all the problems of blacks the fault of whites.”  It is the likes of Sharpton and Jackson who perpetuate the hate and incite the black on white violence.  They are also the ones who used the death of Trayvon Martin to attempt to further their Critical Race war, to make him a martyr for their cause.  The proof of this is crystal clear when you look at who they choose to promote their critical race theory war.
As John T. Bennett points out in ‘Critical Race Theory: A Cult of Anti-White Resentment’  “Critical race theorists do not merely look at racial questions.  Like zealots, they give answers; they preach a doctrine, seek converts, and condemn nonbelievers.  Indeed, Critical Race Theory is the primary source of Orwellian ‘hate speech’ proposals.”  What better way to promote the hate than to use someone, such as Trayvon Martin, as a poster boy for the cause.  Sharpton and Jackson, today’s Critical Race Theory biggest proponents, were quick to snatch up Martin as their martyr. 

The media, the same one who ignores the black on white violence, paints the picture of the small, innocent black child brutally, purposefully gunned down by a racist white man.  As more and more details were revealed and continue to be revealed, the case isn’t as black and white as the media portrayed it to be.  While all the details of the case haven’t been released and the case has not gone to trial, what is clear is that this is not a simple case of a white man shooting a black boy.  The lines begin to blur and the color fades to grey as more and more information about the case is released.  The shining poster child has been found, upon autopsy, to have marijuana in his system at the time of his death and that witness statements show Martin on top of Zimmerman, beating him, at the time of the incident.  This is supported by photographs released showing a bloodied George Zimmerman taken by police.

Information on Zimmerman shows that he is not white, but of mixed race, mostly Hispanic, a white father but also has a black great-grandfather.  A photo shown by Orlando Attorney Mark NeJame is said to show George Zimmerman's great-grandfather.
Above is Zimmerman's grandmother, and his mother is in the man's arms
according to Orlando Attorney Mark NeJame.
Sharpton must have seen something of value in order to make Trayvon Martin his poster child.  Perhaps the answer is in the assumption was that Martin was an innocent black child, The media, and also Sharpton and Jackson use younger, angelic looking Martin photos and portray Martin as such.  They also portray Zimmerman a racist white man.  Additional evidence is that Sharpton, Jackson and the media skirt the truth or modify, edit information or invent “truth” in order to validate the martyrdom such as edited 911 calls or calling Zimmerman a ‘white’ Hispanic.

This becomes even more apparent when you realize that not only are the black on white crimes ignored, but observing the circumstances surrounding the deaths of black people whose death is not publicized the Sharpton and the like.  It is striking to note that another young Sanford man was killed just 3 months before the death of Trayvon Martin. Brian Robinson’s body was found in neighboring Osteen, FL on Thursday, November 3, 2011. Robinson’s death was ruled a homicide, the identity of the killer is still unknown.  Sharpton, Jackson or the national media have never even mentioned Robinson.

Why did the case of Trayvon Martin gain the attention of Sharpton, Jackson and national media and Brian Robinson's did not?  Was it because his mother didn’t ‘care’ the way Martin’s mother did?  No, Brian’s mother is still posting fliers asking for any information about the murder. Someone continues to take down the fliers and she continues to put them up.  There is a $1000 reward, yet there still have been no arrests.  Surely a mother who is still posting fliers would accept Sharpton’s help were it offered.  But it wasn’t offered.  Why hasn’t Al Sharpton and the like picked up this case and coddled it like they did Martin’s case?  Though Brian is black, the color of his attacker(s) is unknown, thereby rendering the case useless for the critical race theory baiting of Sharpton. 

It has become clear that the Critical Race Theory army is being successful in gain support of the media.  They play along with the Critical Race Theory either they are buying in to the 'poor me' cries of the Critical Race Theory proponents or they are simply afraid of being called racist.  Sharpton and Jackson, two of the most notorious leaders of the Critical Race Theory movement are not helping the black population advance, the are keeping them as victims and insisting that blacks be treated differently than all other people.  The media is helping them by elevating some stories with an attempt to focus the attention of the nation on the cases that support Critical Race Theory and overlooking those that don't.  This is an attempt to keep the nation oblivious to the fact that there are other forms of racism, black on white hate for example.  Fortunately, with social media, citizen reporters and bloggers, the media is no longer the only source of information out there.  As Mulder said in the X-Files, 'the truth is out there' and it will come out.

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