Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jewish Obama Supporters: Ignorant or Turning a Blind Eye?

As we begin the final drive toward the election November 6, 2012 citizens will be scrutinizing both candidates. There are many topics that will be discussed, particularly in the debates about the economy, jobs etc. and I hope that relations with Israel and the Middle East will be part of these discussions. We can look at both candidates and see what their records show their Israel and the Middle East policies and connections.

In July of 2011 I wrote in 'Obama and American Jews' movement from Left to Right' that Obama was pushing Jews away from him because he wants to crush, squeeze and minimize Israel and repress the Jewish people. 
There should be a mass exodus of Jews away from Obama. It's happening, but its a slow trickle, not a flood. Some Jews are still hanging on to Obama, either they are ignorant or they are purposefully turning a blind eye to these facts:

These are "Perilous Times" for Israel and for the Middle East.

Mitt Romney met with Prime Minister Netanyahu when Romney was in Israel over the summer,

"You've been a friend of mine and a strong friend of the state of Israel" Binyamin Netanyahu to Mitt Romney.

Romney couldn't imagine saying no to meeting with Netanyahu yet, this is just what Obama did when Netanyahu was in the United States last week.  Netanyahu requested a meeting with Obama and Obama declined stating that he was too busy to meet, yet Obama's schedule for the day in question shows that he had nothing scheduled after 2:10pm.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Even CNN's Anderson Cooper called out Obama for not meeting with Netanyahu:

Even more alarming are Obama's policies and handling of relations with Israel and the Middle East.  This video covers the topic from the viewpoint of a liberal Jewish woman, Irina, who voted for Obama in 2008, and who is shocked by the path Obama has taken.  She is one of the many Jews who is being driven away from Obama, by Obama and toward Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney in his OpEd "A New Course for the Middle East" lays out his plans which include 'restoring our credibility with Iran... It mean placing no daylight between the United States and Israel." Unlike Obama who considers the attacks on the Embassy in Libya 'bumps in the road' and Iran's threat of nuclear weapons as 'noise.'  Romney on the other hand does not trivialize current events and says "They are major issues that put our security at risk."

For our country, Israel is our closest and only Democratic ally in the Middle East.  Israel is a country that the United States can rely on.  With so much uncertainty in the Middle East, so many countries and groups within the Middle East out to destroy the United States and the things that we believe in and hold so dear, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that we need a dependable ally in the Middle East.  Israel is that ally, an ally which Obama clearly shuns.

For Jews, Israel is important, but why?  Rabbi Jonina Pritzker explains "The Jewish connection and attachment to the Land of Israel is as old as the Jewish people, and our people’s love for the land of Israel is expressed every day, throughout our prayers and practices."  Obama wished to sever the connection of American Jews to Israel.  It is shameful that many liberal Jews will sacrifice Israel to get... what?  What could be so important that a Jew would sacrifice Israel for?  Obama?  What has Obama done that is worthy of turning your back on Israel?  Obama's record in this country is disastrous, is he worth sacrificing Israel for?  

Many Jews are seeing the daylight is showing through the rift Obama has created between the United States and Israel.  Lets hope many more will see the light that illuminates Obama's anti-Israel views.

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