Thursday, November 8, 2012

For 69 Percent of Jewish Voters, Israel Takes a Back Burner

In October, I surmised that many Jews were either ignorant or turning a blind eye to Obama's policies  concerning Israel.  Now that election data is in, it is known, though numbers vary, that an estimated 69 percent of Jewish voters, some polls give him as little as 65 percent, voted for Obama and his anti-Israel policies.  It is apparent that other issues take precedence for Jewish voters, such as voting Democratic party lines no matter what, entitlement programs, gay marriage and women's reproductive organs. It's sad that our greatest ally in the middle east, the Jewish homeland that Moses and the Jewish ancestors wandered 40 years in the desert for, is relegated to the back burner behind free phones and birth control. 

The good news, however is that, as I predicted in July of 2011, that there would be a shift, by Jews, away from Obama, and there was. There was a 9 percent drop in support of Obama by Jewish voters. In 2008, Obama had 78 percent of the Jewish vote, compared with 69 percent in 2012.  Romney received 32% of the Jewish vote compared with John McCain's 22 percent in 2008. Jewish support for a Republican candidate has not been this high since 1988 when George H.W. Bush had 35 percent of the Jewish vote. 

Nowhere is the shift away from Obama more evident than in Florida where Obama had 66 percent and Romney 31 percent of the Jewish vote.  In 2008, Obama had 78 percent of the Jewish vote in Florida.  Obama was down 12 percent in Florida, a huge drop. This might be one of the reasons why the Florida vote is so close and why counties are still counting or recounting, and why Florida is the only state that is still undecided two days after the election.

This news, however, will be of no concern to the state of affairs between the Obama Administration and Israel now that Obama has won reelection.  Israel is a big loser in this election.  The Obama Administration has shunned Israel in favor of Palestine, has diminished our stance and opened the door for a nuclear Iran.  Iran with nuclear weapons is a death sentence for Israel.  I hope all who wish to visit Israel, the birthplace of all Judeo-Christian religions, visit now as it may not be there for long.  Hopefully, our other elected officials will be able to do enough to ensure that Israel is still in existence, in four years, when Obama's destructive reign has passed.  Perhaps by then, the Jewish vote will have shifted even more away from the destructive forces of the Democratic Party and placed on the front burner where it belongs.

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