Monday, September 14, 2015

What If We Eliminated Government Handouts Became Like This Man?

What if we eliminated government handouts became like this man?

If we became like Narayanan Krishnan charity would once again become about giving, about helping, about loving our neighbor instead of about taking what can we get. People would help each other get back on their feet. People would be grateful for what they have and work hard to support themselves.  People would be proud of what they accomplished, not what they can 'get.'  People would begin to join together, inclusiveness not divisiveness.

Is this not what the bible teaches charity is?  Charity is to help each other, not to give money to someone else and let them do it for you. Charity is something you must do for yourself.

Why is it better to give/do charity yourself?

When you give/do charity yourself, as Narayanan Krishnan' does, you would see where your charity, where your money, is going.  There would be a human connection. With government handouts, there is not human connection, there is no human interaction between you, the giver (tax payer), and the receiver.  You, the giver, has no way to know where your hard earned money goes and who receives it.  How do you know your money is going to someone who really needs it, to someone that honestly need your help and is someone who you believe deserves to be helped?

People who perform charity would give not only money, but time.  They would help those who truly need it, they would be motivated to not only give immediate assistance, but to help people get on their feet, to succeed, to become independent.  They would also be motivated to help their own, who cannot care for themselves, instead of relying on someone else or the state to do it.  There would be less burden on others. The givers would also be motivated to work together with other givers to help groups of people.

Those who are sincerely needy will be cared for and those who can care for themselves will become not only independent, but givers.

If we became a nation of individual givers of charity, doers of charitable deed, not a nation of 'charity' via government interference, we would become a nation of givers, not grabbers and our government might be able to balance the budget.

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