Monday, September 26, 2016

My Opinion of the Presidential Debate September 26, 2016 YMMV

Segment 1, the economy goes to Trump. His plan much more beneficial. Clinton's plan is disastrous and would put many out of business.

On to segment 2, prosperity/taxes. Segment 2: Nobody answered the question. Both fail.

Segment 3: Clinton loses, disconnected from reality and some really BAD ideas. She proved she's clueless about guns. A couple of good ideas. Addressing help for mental illness is great (except should be addressed state/locally not federally as outlined in the Constitution)
Trump, some good ideas but stop and frisk is a BAD idea, I agree with Hillary on that.
Both agreed on mental illness so they both get points for that.
Trump edges out Clinton only because of her less than stellar support of police.  Otherwise it would be a tie.

Segment 4: This question was poorly asked. Tie.

Cyber-security segment:
Hillary loses. She was so concerned she had an un-secure server and did not even defend it in her segment. She diverted the questions away from cyber security to ISIS to avoid the question.
Trump seems to have a better handle on cyber security than Clinton.

Segment on ISIS:
Trump is correct about getting out, many military leaders had advised against leaving Iraq.
Not so sure about taking the oil.
He's right about the Iran deal. NATO should be paying fair share and what they owe by contract and focus on terrorism. Could have spend his time on ISIS not defending "I did not support the was in Iraq"
Hillary wants to continue same failed policies.
Working with local law enforcement is a good idea.
Hillary flustered.

Last segment. Trump is right about Iran.  Trump takes a firmer stance with foreign countries than Clinton.  She has a women’s touch, which wouldn’t work with many of these countries, especially in the Middle East.  
Clinton is in denial about “putting a lid on nuclear Iran.”  She’s trying very hard, but what she outlined does not represent “standing up to bullies”. 
Hillary is running a more negative ad campaign than Trump and she didn’t deny.  FYI, Hillary, we live in a Republic, not a democracy.

Result: Tied.  Lester Holt asked good questions when he could get them in.  He lost control of the debate several times.

Update: Polls

People say you win or lose a debate in the first 30 minutes. That's probably the reason Trump won the debate in all but one of the polls I've seen. Though Hillary said she spent much time preparing, she appeared less prepared, less at ease and more flustered than Trump. Clinton has a greater disconnect to millennials than Trump. If she wants to win the next debate she'll need to get out of the gate faster and connect better to the millennials.
Trump Win: TIME, CBS, FOX, PIX, Heavy The Hill, Atlantic Patch, Drudge, The Right Scoop, The Hill, True New JerseyClinton Win: Orlando Sentinel

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