Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why the People Who Agree with This Meme Are the Ones Hurting the Poverty-Stricken

The first thing those who agree meme are going to say is “how am I hurting the poverty-stricken?”  

To understand how, you must first go back and look at our government and our Constitution and understand how the government is supposed to work and why it is not working, why it is not only not helping the poverty-stricken but hurting them in so many ways.
Our founding fathers were some pretty bright men.  They put a lot of thought into our Constitution and to how the country would run best for everyone.  The Constitution was created specifically with checks and balances and to give the people a voice.  Unfortunately, the Constitution has been bastardized by using self-helping “interpretation” of the Constitution for their own purposes.  They do this by convincing people that what they are doing is helping the people and the people give them control. 

The Constitution gives equal power to the federal government and to the states.  The states are not subordinate to the federal government; they have equal power.  Those in the federal government who want control have duped the people into believing that the federal government is above and has more power than the states.  The Constitution says otherwise. 

The Constitution gives the federal government control over managing the country as a whole, such as making treaties and defense: “commonDefence and general Welfare of the United States.”  It does not give the federal government control over caring for the individual, that is left to the state, and as part of the state, communities and individuals.   “Thepowers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibitedby it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  Keeping the needs of communities and individuals at state level keeps control in the hands of the people.

What happens when the federal government takes over control from the states is that the individual gets lost?  The federal government says: lets help the poverty-stricken and people say ‘yes, lets help the poverty stricken.’  The federal government sets up a generic program to “help the poverty-stricken.”  This generic program has to be broad and generic that it helps the most people with one program.  Unfortunately, doing it this way is costly and impossible to manage well.  It is wasteful and doesn’t best help the people it is purported to help.  What it does do is give control over the people’s lives to those in charge.

To understand how this is especially harmful, bad, and wasteful we must look at how things would be if the government was run as the forefathers had intended and outlined in the Constitution.
First the federal government would only take care of federal matters, in other words making treaties and the defense and care of the country, not the individual, as a whole. They would only need to tax just enough to maintain just those things.  Much less wasteful spending.
All other matters would fall on state and local governments.  In other words, in the hands of the people.  The people of the state and communities would be responsible for caring for their own.  It would be much easier to identify and to help, in individualized ways, the people who need help.  Local tax payers would have a vested interest in where there money goes and therefore there would be less waste and more help.  There would be more assistance for these people because your money wouldn’t go into some generic fund, it would go to help specific people in your community.  You could actually see where your money is going and who it is helping.  People would get back on their feet quicker because the tax payer would hold them responsible.  The tax payer would also be motivated to help them get off of assistance and on to their feet.  The tax payer would ensure people who don’t need the money don’t get the money and that the money is directed to where it is needed most.

So to those who agree with that meme, you are allowing a government who is not supposed to be managing caring for the poverty-stricken to mismanage it instead of insisting you do it yourselves.  It’s lazy and it’s wasteful.  Cutting wasteful spending ensures there is more money for the poverty-stricken.  This can best be done at the local level.

Don't be content with allowing those who don't need the money, your money, to steal it because you think it's some noble gesture to allow people to receive money they don't deserve because you are afraid someone who needs it won't get it.  That's idiotic.  If you really want to help the poverty-stricken, if you want to make sure not a single poverty-stricken family goes hungry, take back control from the federal government and make sure your tax dollars, your charity, your money goes where it needs to go.  You should have control over where your charity money goes.  You decide where it goes.  It will be directed to those who need it and there will be more of it going where it needs to go.  Don’t allow someone else to decide where your charity money goes.  

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