Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Septic Racism

Last week thousands of people descended upon the small town of Sanford, FL with marches and rallies and outcries.  People came from all over to express their outrage at the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  Streets were closed, parking lots were over capacity and there were people everywhere.

Today I walked the streets of Sanford. The parking lot that was over capacity last week was virtually empty, as were the businesses and sidewalks.  Very few people walked the streets, shops were empty.  Even the 3 hairdressers and 2 nail shops were empty, no customers at all.  The library, which is usually brimming with people and students afterschool was eerily quiet.  Store owners are saying that business is down.  People have been scared away from Sanford.  Sharpton, with his septic racism comes in, creates havoc and in this case leaves a wasteland, all in a days work.

Today most of the people who were patronizing the shops in downtown Sanford are those that live in Sanford and there were very few of them.  Many of those who do not live in Sanford are choosing to stay away.  I spoke with a group of women who were deciding where to eat lunch.  One of them suggested a restaurant in Sanford, the others quickly dismissed the idea because they were fearful of going to Sanford.  “I’m not going down there, it’s not safe” said one of the women and the others agreed.  A shop owner told me that one of his customers called and cancelled an order because he wouldn’t be able to pick it up and he wasn’t going to send his wife or secretary to Sanford.  He said Sharpton was making things dangerous and that he wouldn’t be back to do business until Sharpton was gone for good.
Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café has become the focus of a channel 13 news story:
Owner Theo Hollerbach took to the café’s Facebook page in an attempt to reassure his customers that it is indeed safe for people to patronize his business and also to express dismay at the actions of Sharpton and his call for economic  sanctions and escalation of civil disobedience:

Sharpton has taken his circus traveling.  If his fight is solely with Sanford, why take the show on the road?  What does he hope to gain?  More importantly, why is he not scheduled to come back, especially in the light of recent events?  Last night a 17 year old was shot and an occupied car was riddled with bullets.  A white or silver vehicle was seen leaving the area.  Where is the reward for the capture of those who shot that boy?  Certainly people with knowledge would be more willing to come forward with information for a 10K reward.   

What is the difference between this case and the Trayvon Martin case?  A 17 year old was shot, the Sanford police department is investigating and the shooter(s) have not been arrested.  Why is there no outrage that the police, the same ones who are being criticized by the Sharpton/Jackson camp, have not made an arrest.  Not a word has been uttered from the Sharpton or Jackson or any of those who have spoken in outrage at the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a Hispanic, who was first thought to be white and therefore is now being called a “white Hispanic” so as not to make those who mistakenly called him white look bad.    Could it be that it is not known at this time what the race of the boy who was shot is or the race of his attackers?  Does it make a difference?  It does if you are in the Sharpton/Jackson camp and looking to promote your racist agenda.  Trayvon Martin, especially the picture of him as a child, makes the perfect poster boy for their cause and “white” (oops) Hispanic the (almost) perfect scapegoat.  Unknown 17 year old and unknown shooter(s) won’t work.  They can’t be used to promote their racism war.

Sharpton, Jackson and the like are promoting themselves as victims to gain power.  it’s the poor pitiful me syndrome that even the non-black left is buying into because of presumed inequality and everyone has to be exactly equal at all times even if the inequality is fabricated.  They will say what they need to say to spread their hate and gain support.  Sharpton himself contradicted himself at the NAACP rally on Saturday, in one sentence saying that the police arrested Zimmerman and did not charge him and if they don't charge him soon the time will run out when they can charge him and a short time later stated that Zimmerman was never arrested and that he should be arrested now.  It's as if he's making things up as he goes along, to say what he thinks will sway the audience even if it doesn't make sense or is contradictory.

While the shooting of both Trayvon Martin and the unknown young man are both sad, one was deemed more useful and therefore exploited as an means to an end.  The real tragedy is that people like Sharpton and Jackson continue to use the grief of a family and play upon the sympathies of people for their own selfish reasons.  If it was solely about a boy being shot, then Sharpton would be right back in Sanford claiming outrage at the shooting of the 17 year old boy last night.  The story is really about Sharpton, Jackson and the like and their racist agenda.  As did Hitler did, using the Jews as scapegoats for Germany’s defeat in WWI, Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP  and the New Black Panthers are using the scapegoat George Zimmerman to unite the masses against a common enemy, the whites.  They make it about the Zimmerman who is "white" Hispanic and the white police who aren't doing anything and all the white politicians and the white laws and they are using the face of a dead young man to do it.  These are hate-filled people care only for themselves and their racist agenda.  The whole thing stinks.  Meanwhile, Sanford remains a no-man's land, a victim of Sharpton's septic racism.