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2012: My Year in Posts

My post from 2012 have been a cornucopia of thoughts and ideas of events both national, international and personal.  I was going to list my top 10 posts, but have decided, instead, to do a year in review, classified by topic.


The Occupy Movement:
My year began with a little post "Occupy Orlando is Like a Flock of Geese" This little piece would not be noteworthy, especially compared with my other occupy posts "Occupiers: A Mobocratic Cult" and the more popular "OWS Death of a Movement," except that it was my first post of the new year.   And with that, 2012 began.

Whoda Thunk?
Who could forget the cruise ship Costa Concordia that went off course and grounded off the coast of the island of Giglio and her captain Capt. Francesco Schettino who changed the course of the ship causing her to ground and who was also one of the first people off the ship. This caused me to ask: "Abandon Ship, Who is First?"

In February there was much talk about whether there was a link between abortion and breast cancer.  Both sides were spewing out "facts" which supported their side.  While I am pro-life, I am also not one for using false information to support my position so I decided to do my own research to find out if there was, indeed a connection between abortion and breast cancer.  "Depoliticizing the Abortion/Breast Cancer Link" was the result of my research.

Citizen's Rights
Our current administration as well as some local and state governments see nothing wrong with the trampling on the rights of it's citizens to further their destructive agendas. I've written several posts on this topic. Much in the headlines today is how ObamaCare is trampling on religious freedom as I spoke of in "The Defense of Religious Freedom."  Our country was founded on religious freedom. Our forefathers were religious men and it was clearly their intent to preserve and protect the religious freedoms of the people of the United States of America. So important to them was this, that when writing the Bill of Rights, it was number one on their list of things to add to the Constitution as evidenced by the fact that it is the first sentence of the First Amendment.  I also noted how Obama's Divisionary Policies Drop Kick Judeo-Christian America. Not to mention that Obamacare Will lead to Loss of Jobs and Lower Quality Health Care.

Two events this year, the Colorado movie theater shooting and the Newtown, CT shooting we have seen the insane cry from the left for strict gun control.  I wrote, what is my most read and discussed post to date, Does Research and Statistics Support Gun Control?  In spite of irrefutable evidence that gun control doesn't prevent crime in addition to the fact that these laws would go against the 2nd Amendment, there are those who want stricter gun control and absurd anti-gun laws.

I concluded that America Needs to Return to the Basics and to follow the founding documents, our "Charters of Freedom" of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as they were written and as they were intended to be.  I keep hearing people remark that many of the founding fathers were not Christian and some, Thomas Jefferson in particular, were atheist and that Christianity had no part in the creation of the United States. This prompted me to research and write The Reality of Thomas Jefferson's Spirituality

Don't Believe Everything You Read
Also this year, I made a request To the Leftist Cattle, Stop Mindlessly Following the Herd for believing everything they hear, whether true or not and to remind them to seek the facts for themselves. In this case, it was about Rush Limbaugh.

Exploitation to Advance Agendas
Locally, March brought the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.  I wrote 2 posts about the fallout surrounding the case.  The Death of a Boy Makes Opportunistic Vultures Drool and Exploiting Death to Recruit Members, RevCom Comes to Town.  Looking back, I should have combined the two posts I wrote about it because they both fall under the topic of exploitation of the shooting to advance their own agendas.  The trial has yet to take place, but that didn't stop Critical Race Theory proponents Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Communist groups from exploiting the case.  I followed it up with my piece Septic Racism which shows the effects the protests by Jackson/Sharpton had on the merchants of the city of Sanford, FL.  I also wrote about FL laws pertaining to the case.

Obama Administration Anti-Israel Stance
I've written a series of posts on the Obama administrations anti-Israel stance.  The first of the series was written in June of 2011 entitled "Obama and American Jews Movement from Left to Right" and in August of 2011 "Terrorist Attacks, Israel, the Gaza Strip and response of the U.N. and U.S." As we progressed through 2012, I asked myself are Jewish Obama Supporters: Ignorant or Turning a Blind Eye? and while there was a substantial movement of Jews away from Obama, the answer was that For 69 Percent of Jewish Voters, Israel Takes a Back Burner.   

In Memoriam
On a personal note, in November I lost my great uncle Danny The Last of a Generation at the age of 103 and in August my 12 year old Labrador, Stormi, passed away and is taking Long Walks in Heaven.

These are the highlights of my posts of 2012.  You are welcome to read all my past posts at

Many of my posts are also available on  I would like to thank Jonathan Sangster for allowing me to post on his site.

"For last year's words belong to last year's language And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning." ~ T.S. Eliot
I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

For 69 Percent of Jewish Voters, Israel Takes a Back Burner

In October, I surmised that many Jews were either ignorant or turning a blind eye to Obama's policies  concerning Israel.  Now that election data is in, it is known, though numbers vary, that an estimated 69 percent of Jewish voters, some polls give him as little as 65 percent, voted for Obama and his anti-Israel policies.  It is apparent that other issues take precedence for Jewish voters, such as voting Democratic party lines no matter what, entitlement programs, gay marriage and women's reproductive organs. It's sad that our greatest ally in the middle east, the Jewish homeland that Moses and the Jewish ancestors wandered 40 years in the desert for, is relegated to the back burner behind free phones and birth control. 

The good news, however is that, as I predicted in July of 2011, that there would be a shift, by Jews, away from Obama, and there was. There was a 9 percent drop in support of Obama by Jewish voters. In 2008, Obama had 78 percent of the Jewish vote, compared with 69 percent in 2012.  Romney received 32% of the Jewish vote compared with John McCain's 22 percent in 2008. Jewish support for a Republican candidate has not been this high since 1988 when George H.W. Bush had 35 percent of the Jewish vote. 

Nowhere is the shift away from Obama more evident than in Florida where Obama had 66 percent and Romney 31 percent of the Jewish vote.  In 2008, Obama had 78 percent of the Jewish vote in Florida.  Obama was down 12 percent in Florida, a huge drop. This might be one of the reasons why the Florida vote is so close and why counties are still counting or recounting, and why Florida is the only state that is still undecided two days after the election.

This news, however, will be of no concern to the state of affairs between the Obama Administration and Israel now that Obama has won reelection.  Israel is a big loser in this election.  The Obama Administration has shunned Israel in favor of Palestine, has diminished our stance and opened the door for a nuclear Iran.  Iran with nuclear weapons is a death sentence for Israel.  I hope all who wish to visit Israel, the birthplace of all Judeo-Christian religions, visit now as it may not be there for long.  Hopefully, our other elected officials will be able to do enough to ensure that Israel is still in existence, in four years, when Obama's destructive reign has passed.  Perhaps by then, the Jewish vote will have shifted even more away from the destructive forces of the Democratic Party and placed on the front burner where it belongs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where Does the Benghazi Buck Stop?

Either the Obama administration is/attempting covering up, what happened, what they knew and when they knew it in regards to Benghazi or it is gross incompetence on the part of Clinton, Obama and his administration for events the disaster in Benghazi.  Let’s assume, for a minute, that there is no cover up, that the President had no idea of what was going on in Benghazi, that he wasn’t aware there was a credible threat to the Benghazi Embassy, or that Ambassador Stevens had requested additional security he, and that United States citizens, whose safety the State Department and the President were directly responsible for, needed based on credible threats, and that those citizens were left without adequate protection on 9/11/12, the one day out of the year with the highest risk of terrorist attack.  What you have left is gross incompetence. 




The responsibilities of Secretary of State that Hillary Clinton failed to do adequately:

  • Serves as the President's principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;
  • Conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;
  • Advises the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;
  • Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;
  • Provides information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries;
  • Informs the Congress and American citizens on the conduct of U.S. foreign relations;
  • Administers the Department of State;
  • Supervises the Foreign Service of the United States.


Clinton says the buck stops with her, but does it?  While Hillary Clinton is certainly responsible for the failure to protect our citizens in Benghazi, does President Obama bear any of the responsibility?  The answer is yes, here’s why:


The head of any organization has to delegate work to others.  This is what happened in The State Department(then called Department of Foreign Affairs) was created in 1789.  The department was created to alleviate work for the President. The head of the State Department, the Secretary of State, reports directly to the President.



It is the responsibility of the head of any organization who delegates responsibilities to others to make sure they are performing their responsibilities satisfactorily. Mrs. Clinton admits she did not do this. Are Mrs. Clinton’s failures also Obama’s failures?

In the hierarchy of the United States Government, The State Department, specifically, the head of the State Department, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is directly responsible to the President of the United States. 


What responsibility does Obama hold? Obama, being the one ultimately responsible for what occurs underneath him, is responsible for the following:


Not maintaining adequate communication between himself and his appointee Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  President Obama failed at ensuring he received information on the conditions in Benghazi.  He should have been aware that the staff did not have adequate protection and that they had requested additional protection.  The fact that that information did not, presumably, reach him does not exempt him from blame.  It is his responsibility to make certain that those he delegates report to him and give him that information.  The breakdown in communication lies squarely on his shoulders as the person the Secretary of State reports to.


If I knew there was increased risk for violence on 9/11, President Obama knew it too.  That was why security and risk were discussed, at great length by the Obama Administration/State Department in the days leading up to 9/11.  Heightened awareness leading up to 9/11 has occurred every year since 2002.  To claim ignorance of this fact would be gross negligence on Obama’s part.  Being that it was the anniversary of 9/11 and a greater risk of violence toward the United States, the President should have known this and kept on top of things and ensure that our citizens were safe on 9/11.  He failed to do that.


Claiming ignorance is not an excuse, it is proof of failed leadership and gross incompetency.  The buck stops with Obama. 



Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jewish Obama Supporters: Ignorant or Turning a Blind Eye?

As we begin the final drive toward the election November 6, 2012 citizens will be scrutinizing both candidates. There are many topics that will be discussed, particularly in the debates about the economy, jobs etc. and I hope that relations with Israel and the Middle East will be part of these discussions. We can look at both candidates and see what their records show their Israel and the Middle East policies and connections.

In July of 2011 I wrote in 'Obama and American Jews' movement from Left to Right' that Obama was pushing Jews away from him because he wants to crush, squeeze and minimize Israel and repress the Jewish people. 
There should be a mass exodus of Jews away from Obama. It's happening, but its a slow trickle, not a flood. Some Jews are still hanging on to Obama, either they are ignorant or they are purposefully turning a blind eye to these facts:

These are "Perilous Times" for Israel and for the Middle East.

Mitt Romney met with Prime Minister Netanyahu when Romney was in Israel over the summer,

"You've been a friend of mine and a strong friend of the state of Israel" Binyamin Netanyahu to Mitt Romney.

Romney couldn't imagine saying no to meeting with Netanyahu yet, this is just what Obama did when Netanyahu was in the United States last week.  Netanyahu requested a meeting with Obama and Obama declined stating that he was too busy to meet, yet Obama's schedule for the day in question shows that he had nothing scheduled after 2:10pm.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Even CNN's Anderson Cooper called out Obama for not meeting with Netanyahu:

Even more alarming are Obama's policies and handling of relations with Israel and the Middle East.  This video covers the topic from the viewpoint of a liberal Jewish woman, Irina, who voted for Obama in 2008, and who is shocked by the path Obama has taken.  She is one of the many Jews who is being driven away from Obama, by Obama and toward Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney in his OpEd "A New Course for the Middle East" lays out his plans which include 'restoring our credibility with Iran... It mean placing no daylight between the United States and Israel." Unlike Obama who considers the attacks on the Embassy in Libya 'bumps in the road' and Iran's threat of nuclear weapons as 'noise.'  Romney on the other hand does not trivialize current events and says "They are major issues that put our security at risk."

For our country, Israel is our closest and only Democratic ally in the Middle East.  Israel is a country that the United States can rely on.  With so much uncertainty in the Middle East, so many countries and groups within the Middle East out to destroy the United States and the things that we believe in and hold so dear, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that we need a dependable ally in the Middle East.  Israel is that ally, an ally which Obama clearly shuns.

For Jews, Israel is important, but why?  Rabbi Jonina Pritzker explains "The Jewish connection and attachment to the Land of Israel is as old as the Jewish people, and our people’s love for the land of Israel is expressed every day, throughout our prayers and practices."  Obama wished to sever the connection of American Jews to Israel.  It is shameful that many liberal Jews will sacrifice Israel to get... what?  What could be so important that a Jew would sacrifice Israel for?  Obama?  What has Obama done that is worthy of turning your back on Israel?  Obama's record in this country is disastrous, is he worth sacrificing Israel for?  

Many Jews are seeing the daylight is showing through the rift Obama has created between the United States and Israel.  Lets hope many more will see the light that illuminates Obama's anti-Israel views.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Long Walks in Heaven

A few weeks ago, my beloved dog, Stormi, passed away. He was a black Labrador retriever, 12 years old when he died. 

We got him as a puppy shortly after the passing of both my mother and the dog we had.  I always thought that my mother would have loved him as she had a special place in her hearts for black labs after she became very attached to our black lab, Echo, we had growing up. I’m sure she was looking down and enjoying watching us and I’m sure that she, Echo and Stormi have found each other in heaven and also my father who loved him, waiting for the day we will all be together again.

Stormi was kind and loving.  He didn’t know how big he was, thinking he was a small lap dog, my LAPrador I’d call him. He’d love to climb into your lap, sometimes it was only the front end that made it. He was a people person and was always nearby, usually sitting somewhere in the way, like the middle of the kitchen floor or in the hallway or outside the bathroom, waiting to trip you up.  He’d whine if you were outside and he was in.  He loved to give you big, slobbery kisses and hugs and sometimes would nibble your nose.  I don’t know why, but he loved to nibble noses.

Stormi loved our other animals, and he pretty much let them walk all over him.  When he had a treat and the other dog stole it, he never tried to get it back.  I don’t think he ever growled at anyone or anything in his life.  He loved playing with the grey cat, Smoki, especially when they were both young.  Stormi would chase Smoki around the house.  We always knew when Stormi caught Smoki because his hair was slobbered up in a funky mohawk from Stormi's kisses. In later years the chasing stopped and they became good friends. 

Stormi loved to play and go on walks, the latter became a routine after he tore his cruciate ligament in his knee several years ago and had to have surgery and 2 plates put in his leg.  We first had to walk him with a sling to prevent pressure on the leg so that it would heal.  Once he was allowed to put pressure on it he wasn’t allowed to run.  We couldn’t let him go in the back yard without a leash on because he loved to run.  He and the dog next door, Max, would run back and forth along the fence separating the yards.  So we leashed him.  Then we were given instructions to walk him and keep on increasing the distance.  This is when we started taking him on daily walks, it became a routine and something he loved to do, so much so that he went for a walk his last morning on earth even though he really wasn’t up for it.

Stormi is gone, but not his hair, he shed so much that we will forever be finding it. We used to be constantly sweeping it up.  Sometimes after sweeping we’d have a whole other dog made of hair.  This was even with furmanating him. There’s a brush called the furmanator, it works well, but Stormi had so much hair.

Shortly before he passed, Stormi had been slowing down, his vision failed, he was bumping into things, he was still his loving self, but we knew his time was short.  We prepared our kids, who are grown, for the inevitable. 

I had to go on a week-long trip for work, I hated leaving him, and I hoped he was still with us when I returned.  The day I was to return home I got a call that Stormi had lost much of his energy, but he was still doing ok.  By the time I returned home, though, he was barely moving but enthusiastically wagged his tail when he saw me.  We immediately took him to the emergency vet.  By this time he wasn’t moving at all.  The vet suspected he had lymphoma, a type of cancer, because his all his lymph nodes were swollen as were his eyes. I don’t believe he would have survived much longer and attempting any treatment would have been cruel.  We did the kindest thing we could and we put him to sleep.  I stayed with him petting him and talking to him as he passed. 

As we have done with all our departed pets, we had him cremated.  A little side note, my father had wanted to be cremated and when he passed we complied with his wishes.  We were deciding on what type of container.  We didn’t want an urn or box that screamed “dead person here” so we opted for a plain wooden box.

There is a wonderful pet crematory that all the vets in the area use and we have used before.  What I didn’t know is that they had improved the service they provided.  Their service was excellent.  Our pets had Included was been returned to us in a lovely, heavy duty cardboard box, with a card, very nice.  I was absolutely shocked at what was returned to us, shocked in a good way.  Stormi was returned to us in a beautifully finished cedar box with a name plaque.  They also sent a mold of his paw print, a card and wild flower seeds to plant in his memory.  Never before had I seen anything like this.  It was wonderful. The only problem is now Stormi is in a better box than my father! I think dad’s ok with that though, he loved Stormi.

There is an empty place in our house, but Stormi will always have a special place in our hearts.  We miss him now, but we’ll see him, and all our loved ones, again.  Until then, Stormi and my mom and dad are taking long walks in heaven.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Curosity Lands on Mars, America Celebrates It Together, With the World, Via Twitter

Watching the Curiosity Rover land last night, via Curiosity Cam on Ustream, reminded me of when I watched the United States moon landing.  This time, however, I was able to celebrate it with people around America and the world via twitter.

What is Curiosity? Here 'Actor William Shatner narrates this thrilling video about NASA's Curiosity rover, from its entry and descent through the Martian atmosphere to its landing and exploration of the Red Planet in NASA's hardest planetary science mission to date.'

NASA Employs Curiosity by Paul-Gregory Matuszak, @pavelgregory on twitter, explains the Curiosity mission
full article here.
At 1:32 am ET, Curiosity landed in the Gale crater on Mars, just as planned. A few minutes later Curiosity began sending pictures:

The world watched and shared it together via twitter:

My favorite:

 Yes, I was excited:

Later this week Curiosity's Mastcam will be active and bigger, better, color pictures will be sent.  You can follow @MarsCuriosity on twitter and via Ustream Curiosity Cam updates.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does Research and Statistics Support Gun Control?

Author’s note: I reached out to a respected expert on gun control statistics, Dr. Gary Kleck, professor of criminology at Florida State University.  He was kind enough to send me the chapter The Great American Gun Debate:What Research Has to Say  from The Criminal Justice System, 10th edition, Edited by George F. Cole and Marc G. Gertz. Wadsworth. (Published January 2012). [Note: this paper had been hacked at one point and nasty, unrelated stuff added, I'm working on a new link.]   He also sent me a copy of National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 60, Number 3  which is the final report for 2009 which he says “provides the most recent final mortality data, showing numbers of deaths from all causes, with separate counts for gun deaths.”

Update: 11/21/14 (revised 10/4/15 and 6/12/16): The problem isn't guns, it's mental health, insane people will do insane things. Criminals don't follow laws. If someone is going to commit murder, a crime that has the death penalty/life imprisonment, do you really think gun laws will deter them? The way to prevent these types of incidents isn't to regulate or ban guns, it's to help identify and treat those with mental illness who are a danger to themselves and others.  The people are the problem, not their weapons of choice. 

"Mental health is still not adequately diagnosed or treated in the United States, and especially not among young people...not delivered in a very effective manner.”

In fact,  a Connecticut state review panel has concluded "Medical professionals and school staff missed multiple opportunities to help Adam Lanza with his severe emotional and psychiatric disorders."

Updated: 1/1/13: At the risk of making this insufferably long, I have added one more video that I think needs to be here. It is found underneath #6.

Updated 12/21/12:

Last week we witnessed the horrible shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. I am deeply saddened and brought to tears by the deaths of the 27 people including 20 small children.  While I would prefer not to speak about gun control while people are mourning the loss of their loved ones, there are those who immediately and disgustingly took advantage of the situation to politicize it and tout their gun control agenda.  Therefore, I must respond to them with what I know is true:

1. Gun control doesn't work.  Connecticut has strict gun control laws and that did not prevent the tragedy in Newtown.

2. Guns are not the problem, evil is the problem and evil is what we must fight, not guns. Everyone has a propensity for evil. There are ways to minimize (not eliminate) the ability of vil to take a foothold.

3. The public school systems are failing our children. Schools don't know what to do with smart kids who don't fit the social 'norms' even though they are required, by law, under The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) , to identify and "provide early intervention, special education and related services to infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities." This includes not only those with physical disabilities, but also mental and emotional disabilities.  School systems are failing to do this.  

4. Most importantly, our children must not be left unprotected.  Parents are calling for students to be protected by armed security/police as is the case in Orange County, FL.  It is not feasible for police to be posted permanently at schools.  What is feasible and what would be the best way to protect our children is volunteer teachers/school staff properly trained and armed like they do in Israel.
Israeli Elementary School
We train teachers and staff how to perform first aid/CPR and use an AED to save kids, why not train them to use firearms? this is just another way to protect our precious children.

5. I abhor the term "assault rifle." Anything can be used in an assault. There is a specific type of rifle that is called an "assault rifle," it is fully automatic illegal for most people other than military or police and a few select people to possess.  Media, either intentionally or because they are ignorant, mistakenly call rifles used in the recent crimes "assault rifles."

The department of Defense has long defined assault rifles as “fully automatic rifles used for military purposes.”

Here is an explanation:

Some have included semi-automatic weapons that are capable of switching to automatic in the definition of "assault rifle" but they all have the characteristic of being able to fire automatically.  Guns that are strictly semi-automatic are not "assault rifles."  Some people also confuse "assault rifles" with "Assault Weapons" which are something completely different.

6. What does research and statistics say about gun control?

In the wake of the Colorado theater shootings and the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, many people have called for stricter gun control laws, while others stand by the second amendment right to own and posses guns.  Those who want stricter control believe it will prevent deaths, many gun advocates state guns help prevent injury and death.  I was interested to find out more information in two areas, the first being the comparison of guns used for violence versus gun use for protection and secondly, mortality rates related to gunshot wounds as compared to mortality rates by other mechanisms.

Choose your own crime stats:

“Perhaps what is most striking about the patterns of gun ownership in the US is that ownership is generally highest in those groups where violence is lowest.” (Kleck 1997, Chapter 3).  “It is well known that guns are used in many violent crimes in the US. [However] The best available evidence indicates that guns are used by victims in self-protection considerably more often than crimes are committed by offenders using guns.  For example, victims used guns defensively about 2.0-2.5 million times in 1993, compared to fewer than 600,000 violent crimes committed by offenders with guns (Kleck and Gertz 1995).”

“Defensive gun use is effective in preventing injury to the victim and property loss.  Research based on interviews with large nationally representative samples of crime victims consistently indicates that those who use guns during crime incidents are less likely to be injured or lose property than those who either adopt other resistance strategies or do not resist at all. These effects are usually produced without shooting the gun or wounding a criminal -  only 24 per cent of gun defenders even fired the gun (including warning shots), only l6 per cent tried to shoot the perpetrator, and at most 8 per cent wounded the offender (evidence summarized in Kleck and Kates 2001, Chapter 7).”

“There is also evidence indicating that some criminals may be deterred from making some criminal attempts in the first place by the prospect of victim gun use against them. Criminals interviewed in prison indicate that they have refrained from committing crimes because they believed a potential victim might have a gun, and crime rates have dropped substantially after highly publicized instances of prospective victims arming themselves or being trained in gun use, or victims using guns against criminals. (research summarized in Kleck and Kates 2001, Chapter 7).”

Information I had not even considered, “that when criminal aggressors possess guns in a crime incident, they are substantially less likely to attack and injure their victims in the first place. At least nineteen studies have found that offenders possessing guns are less likely to injure their victims than offenders with other weapons or no weapons. The explanation appears to be that possession of a lethal weapon enables aggressors to intimidate victims without actually attacking them, in crimes where the offender’s goal is not to kill the victim.” Kleck 2011

Many gun control proponents state that having stricter gun control laws that restrict who can purchase guns will prevent criminals from obtaining guns.  Studies show that most criminals do not obtain their guns from a conventional retail dealer of guns. 

Eight four percent, of 943 felon handgun owners surveyed,
did not purchase the gun from a conventional retailer.

Another question that has surfaced is: why do people focus more on gun injury related deaths? Why guns when more people have died from poisoning and motor vehicle accidents individually and followed closely by falls? There are restrictions on some types of poisons, but that didn’t prevent 41,592 deaths by poison in 2009. There are even less restrictions on motor vehicles which caused 34,485 deaths in 2009.Both of these cause more deaths than guns. All of these can be used by in the commission of murder.

According to: National Vital Statistics Reports Volume 60, Number 3 December 29, 2011Deaths: Final Data for 2009 (Table 18) in 2009, a total of 177,154 deaths were classified as injury related Four major mechanisms of injury in 2009— poisoning, motor-vehicle traffic, firearm, and fall— accounted for 75.1 percent of all injury deaths.

Number of Deaths 2009
Motor-vehicle traffic  
17.7 %
14.4 %

If you want to see more statistics, you can check out the Explore the Wallstreet Journal's interactive murder database of killings committed in the U.S. from 2000 to 2010 (h/t Adam Baldwin) where can limit your search by criteria.  For example: There were 28 drowning murders in 2009.   I'm not sure how accurate the interactive database is, the database  does not include Florida.  The CDC's 2009 vital statistics report, Table 18, says 41 drowning murders in 2009. If the interactive database is correct, 13 occurred in Florida.  That seems a little high to me, but it's possible. Still the interactive database lets you get a feel for the numbers and gives you the ability to compare different categories.

Why then are guns singled out as needing restriction or banned? Could it be, perhaps, a matter of politics? Though there are gun proponents and gun control advocates on both ends of the political spectrum, it seems as though it is mostly the liberals and progressives that want gun control and the conservatives and moderates that defend the second Amendment right to bear arms. That this topic has become entrenched in people’s political belief system, it is difficult, but not impossible, for people’s minds to be changed on the topic of gun control.

Research shows that gun control will not help prevent gun related crimes, nor will it prevent people from obtaining guns. In fact, stricter gun control would cause an increase in crime, increase gun related crime, and victim injury/death.
In response to the question:  What is the defense of those that would try to discredit this study?

Dr. Kleck responded: "I have thoroughly rebutted all of the criticisms of my and others' survey estimates of the frequency of defensive gun use in one convenient source, a chapter in the 2001 book Armed, by Gary Kleck and Don B. Kates."

Dr. Kleck stands by the data in the study. 

Thank you Dr. Kleck!


Kleck, Gary. 1997. Targeting Guns: Firearms and their Control. N.Y.: Aldine de Gruyter.

Kleck, Gary, and Marc Gertz. 1995. “Armed resistance to crime: the prevalence and nature of self-defense with a gun.” Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 86:150-187.

Kleck, Gary, and Don B. Kates.  2001.  Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control.  Buffalo, NY: Prometheus.