Monday, April 29, 2013

Silly Me, Marriage is Marriage

Last year I wrote a post entitled I Pray Government Gets Outof the Marriage Business which, according to Ten Q&A on Same-Sex MarriageCanards and Evasions #7 is a "silly sloagan."  Now, I don't care that someone thinks what I write or think is "silly," and I won't change my thinking because someone thinks I'm "silly," but, I am not beneath revisiting and rethinking what I wrote either. The author of that piece makes valid points, points I had not considered.  Therefore I must clarify my statement and redefine what I mean by "Marriage Business" and revisit some of my statements.
There are two separate aspects of marriage, the physical act of marrying, and the actual marriage of the husband and wife.

Government needs to stay out of the religious rites of marrying.  Religious organizations need to be free to perform marriages based on their religious beliefs. Government intrusion into religious rites, including marriages, is a clear breech of the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. By re-defining marriage, the government is dictating to religious organizations what they legally must accept as the definition of marriage thereby restricting their free exercise there of.
In my post, I discussed the government getting out of “marriage” by redefining it to “civil union.”  After reading the above post, I am rethinking my position on that aspect. It diminishes marriage.  The last thing I want is for marriage to be diminished into a legal contract.  It’s too important for that. 

So what about defining marriage, marriage is already defined, the government does not need to re-define it in order to make some people happy.  They are too busy trying to “not offend” everyone that everyone loses.  I once again reiterate, not one religious rite is applicable to every person.  That’s just the way it is.  Marriage is no different.  Not every celebration of the birth of a baby is a Baptism, not every rite of the passage into adulthood is a bar mitzvah.  I'll never be queen of the gay pride parade and I'm ok with that.  You would think the liberals, with their cries of “diversity now” would embrace differences instead trying to make marriage cookie cuttings. One size does not fit all and marriage does not fit everyone.  

But here's the dilemma. As I’ve stated, the federal government, is too involved in people’s lives, too many regulations, too many restrictions.This is not what our founders had in mind. The federal government has complicated everything it touches and intruded into areas that do not fall under it’s role. The federal government should be concerned with the protection and preservation of our country as a whole, not the bits and pieces.That is why we have state and local governements, to care for the bits and pieces.If the federal government wants to tax, it should be a general tax, a flat tax, that is for everyone, the whole, equally.It should be applied to caring for the whole of the country, for it’s defense etc., not for caring for bits and pieces.  Again, the bits and pieces are for state and local to care for.  To that end, marriage should fall under State and local governments, not federal.

To recap: Like it or not, marriage is marriage and not everyone fits.  Government should not interfere by dictating to religious organizations about marriage.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Killing of Healthy Unborn Babies has Reached Epidemic Proportions

Currently the trial of Kermit Gosnell is proceeding. Gosnell (I decline to acknowledge the title of Dr. but will confer instead the title of "butcher.") In case you haven't heard of butcher Gosnell's house of horrors, the article "10 of the Most Shocking Allegations in the Gruesome ‘House of Horrors’ That Was Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic" (WARNING: Graphic) by Billy Hallowell and current updates (as of today) Front Row at the Gosnell Horror Show By Phelim McAleer and What I saw at the Gosnell trial by JD Mullane give you a sense of the horror that was Gosnell's clinic. As the case has come to light, I have updated a previous post:

Working as a nurse in one of the busiest Labor and Delivery departments in the country I have experienced the joys of births and the heartbreak of loss. I have seen many healthy babies born, and have delivered a few myself. These are the joyous days. I have seen tiny preemie babies some who survive and some who do not. I have seen babies who are stillborn of all sizes and witnessed the sorrow that death brings. The days when a baby is stillborn, or dies are the sad, heartbreaking days. These are the days that wrench your soul. I cannot imagine anyone destroying the life of a healthy unborn baby on purpose, but it happens.

At conception, cells begin to divide and that is the beginning of life. Once that baby is conceived it is real, it is alive and it deserves to live. The mother’s womb holds, nurtures and cares for the baby. God made us so that creation, nurturing and protection of the baby begins at the moment of conception, meaning that life, according to God’s design, must begin at conception.

The abortion of a baby, the intentional destruction of life, is murder. Only God should have the power to decide when someone, and after conception a baby is someone, should come to be with him. Throughout history, there have been cultures and groups who performed infanticide for various reasons. Most people in the United States would be horrified if this became a common practice in the United States. These same people have no difficulty supporting embryocide and feticide. There is a worldwide epidemic of feticide. In China, female fetuses are routinely murdered because they are of less value to the Chinese than is the male fetus. The same people who find infanticide horrific find this acceptable. Location, location, location!! Inside the womb, it’s acceptable to murder the baby, outside the womb it’s not.
Embryocide, feticide, and the euthanizing (as some people put it), the killing of healthy unborn babies has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. It’s difficult to know exactly how many abortions occur annually in the United States because some states, like California, which performs the most abortions (estimated over 200,000 a year), does not report abortion numbers to the CDC. In 2008, 825,564 abortions were reported to the CDC, but the CDC estimates 1,211,500 abortions in the U.S. The number of murdered babies is staggering!!! When you look at the reasons for abortions in the United States, the facts are shocking. About 92% of abortions in the United States are convenience abortions, killing healthy babies for selfish reasons. Healthy babies murdered for convenience sake.
Abortion Statistics –
Decisions to Have and Abortion (U.S.)

Reason for Aborting
Want to postpone childbearing.
cannot afford a baby
Have a relationship issue or their partner does not want a child.
Too young (their parents or others object to the pregnancy.)
Feel a child will disrupt their education or career.
Want no (more) children.
Due to a risk to fetal health.
Due to a risk to maternal health

Those who are “pro-choice” (pro-abortion) say it is a woman’s choice what to do with her body. That doesn't give them the right to do whatever they want to the body of the baby. The baby is a separate entity that the mother is charged with caring for. The mother does not have the right to kill the baby. 
"Pro-choice" (pro-abortion) is saying that they are choosing to allow the woman to abort (kill) the baby. They can only see the point of view of the mother, they are incapable of seeing the baby's point of view. I’m sure the baby, if given the choice, would choose to live. Most sane people wouldn't choose death for themselves, would they? Why would assume the baby would choose death? Why should the baby be denied it's future? The baby is unable to voice her opinion, so the choice must be made for her. Life or death? Who gets to choose. "Pro-choice" (pro-abortion) advocates choosing to impose and carry out a death sentence on a baby. The choice is not theirs or the mother's to make. The choice of life and death of an innocent should be left solely up to God.
People are against the death penalty, but casually agree with the murder of a baby. They want to kill the babies and save the murderers. They would rather have the murderers in the world than the babies.
It seems as though the most important thing for those that are "pro-choice" is location. The aforementioned murderer is outside the womb in the “safe zone.” The baby in the womb is in the target area. Everything inside the target area is fair game. It’s my womb and it’s my baby so it’s okay. That argument doesn't work. Let's put a baby in the target area at the range, let’s see how these pro-choice people react. If I say the baby in the target area is fair game, it’s my baby and it’s my range there should be no problem, right? They would disagree, to them, the womb is the only acceptable target area. If the baby is in the womb, she is fair game, kill away. The only difference is the location. Location doesn't matter, the murder of a baby is murder, it doesn't matter if she is in the womb or out. That is why they praise Dr. Carhart but Dr. Gosnell is a monster (at least to most, but not all) to pro-choice supporters. In reality, there is no difference, same baby, just a few millimeters inside the mother.
Being pregnant and delivering a baby is not easy and it is not convenient. Life is not easy and it is not convenient. Life is uncomfortable and filled with inconveniences this does not mean you kill a baby to avoid being uncomfortable or inconvenienced. This means you do what you have to, you carry and deliver the baby, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortble it is and if you do not wish to care for the baby after that, you give it up for adoption to someone who wants a baby. This is the just and moral thing to do.
I was adopted. I am glad that my birth mother did not murder me for convenience or for gender or for any other reason. I am glad she had endured some inconvenience and discomfort and carried and delivered me. It must have been difficult for her to carry and deliver me and then give me up. For what she did, I am forever grateful.
Just because they can’t be seen with the naked eye, doesn’t mean the babies aren’t real, and doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Each baby, from the moment of conception, deserves to have his or her presence in the world recognized. All babies, no matter how tiny, deserve to be respected, held, loved and to not be murdered.