Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ride 2 Recovery FL Challenge 2011 Day 6: part 1

Saturday, October 29, 2011
Last night we had a very nice dinner. They made these special cakes for the group.

Special Guest Speaker: NBA Ref. motivational speaker Bob Delaney. Topic PTSD.

Saturday's ride took us from Orlando to Winter Haven.  It was crazy sock day and dress up day and monster day.

It was a short ride and long wait for rooms.  Time for some yoga!

One bad crash to report.  From what I gather from reports from those involved and eye witnesses (names withheld):
Riders were going about 30mph, rider A was looking back to left and tire ran off road into a divot and he went down. Rider B applied brakes and slowed to 20mph and avoided rider A.  Rider C clipped Rider B's back tire.  Rider C went down, Rider B cartwheeled and landed on his back breaking clavicle and 3 ribs and puncturing his lung.  Rider's A and C had some road rash and were able to continue the ride.  Rider B went to the hospital.  The lung puncture healed itself and he didn't need a chest tube (good news).  I wish him a speedy recovery.

See part 2 for the dinner/costume/last night party pictures.

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