Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exploiting Death to Recruit Members, RevCom Comes to Town

Standing out from amidst a sea of hand held posters was a large green fluorescent banner that read: 17 Afghani people, Trayvon Martin murdered, The system of Capitalism-Imperialism set these crimes in motion.

The Revolutionary Communist Party was present at the March 26, 2012 rally for Trayvon Martin.  They were there to promote their idea that the death of Trayvon is as their website states, part of “an endless chain of such acts that are perpetrated, condoned and covered up by the powers-that-be.”
I spoke with RevCom Member Joey Johnson who parroted the RevCom statement and also said that it is the system and Capitalism is responsible for Trayvon’s death.  “Murdered The system of Capitalism Imperialism set these crimes in motion.” Johnson states that it is the system of capitalism imperialism “that thrives on and depends on things like white supremacy, a pecking order, keeping black people super oppressed and unleashing people like George Zimmerman.”
Johnson says that both those parties (Republicans and Democrats) upholders are and enforcers of the system. That “they all use code words. Traditional values of America, reasserting men dominating over women, reasserting white people dominating over people of colors” Stand your ground is code words for “letting loose more of this vigilante violence.” He calls republicans fascists, democrats are afraid of republicans they are all fascists and that this country is founded on slavery. An underlying system. A modern day version of the haves and the have nots.

* Note: my memory was full and cut Johnson off.  Fortunately Matthew Boyle, from the Daily caller picked up the tail end of the Johnson discussion, watch it here (along with his remarks). Communists, occupiers infiltrate Sanford Trayvon rally

Like the black leaders who looked to take advantage of Trayvon’s death to promote their race war, the Revolutionary Communist Party is there to promote their social war.  They are exploiting the deaths of Trayvon, the Afghanis and even Emmett Till for their own, nefarious ends.  They travelled all across the country with their shiny banner to take advantage of the media hoopla and the large congregation of upset and vulnerable people in order to try and sway these people to their cause. It’s scapegoatism.  They have made the country the scapegoat for Trayvon’s murder.  Capitalism is to blame for Trayvon’s death and it must be stopped.  They call for revolution to make a complete overhaul of the system to one of communism.  As their website states, the want a revolution to “immediately establish a new power.” It calls to strip “strip the capitalist-imperialist class of its property and power.” What that means is they want to take everything from everyone and redistribute it so that everyone is equal.  That means that what you work for isn’t yours, it belongs to everyone.  You can’t spend the money you earn; it all goes in to a pot. In essence, what's yours isn't yours, it's everyone's.
So how is this recruitment going for them?  Evidently not too well.  Their “constitution” which calls for the “immediate” establishment of this new power is from 2008, nothing too immediate about it. I guess it's not too frequently that an event such as this comes along that they can piggyback on.  They say death sells, and Revcom is certainly attempting to sell their wares and using every horrific, widely known, death they can think of to sell it.  It's their marketing strategy, exploit death to recruit members.  Shameful.

They wish to destroy our republic, our country which was founded on liberty and freedom. A country which is the envy of the world because it is the most prosperous and successful countries in the world.  The wish to tear it down and destroy it and they are standing on the backs of those, like Trayvon Martin, to do it.  Silly marchers calling for George Zimmerman to be arrested, don’t you know, it was capitalism that killed Trayvon.

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