Friday, August 9, 2013

Ride 2 Recovery Participates in the 2013 Leadville 100 MTB

I will be posting updates here for Ride 2 Recovery's participation in the 2013 Leadville 100 MTB.  You can follow riders live progress through the athlete tracker.

Riders are not required to check in at all the stations, they are only required to check out of these aid stations by the following cut-off times:
Twin Lakes Outbount (40 miles) Elapsed time, 4 hours; Actual Time 10:30am

Twin Lakes Return (60 miles) Elapsed time, 7 hours, 45 minutes; Actual Time 2:15pm
TrReturn (74 miles) Elapsed time, 8 hours, 45 minutes: Actual Time 3:15pm

"This is a 12-hour mountain bike race.  Official finishers must complete the course in less than 12 hours.  Rider who make the last aid station cut-off time, but fail to achieve the 12-hour finish will be allowed to continue for one additional hour only.  Finishing in less than 13 hours is an indication of a rider's tenacity, but does not earn official finishing placing.  All riders must be off the course in 13 hours."

UPDATE: Matt DeWitt is the first bilateral amputee, EVER to finish the Leadville 100. Finished in 11:06! Way to go Matt!!

Training Ride: photo by Robin Brown

*Note: Update times are results POSTED as of that time, not results as of that time.  Some of the postings are behind.

All R2R riders, with the exception of Sara, who had to drop out due to mechanical problems, finished before the 12 hour cut off. 

NAME Start Time Finish Time Place  
Bruce Gustafson  6:30:48:32 AM 2:30:00 PM 7:59:49:14 93  
John Wordin  6:30:57:10 AM 2:35:55 PM 8:05:43:66 104 2nd in M5 div
Mike Tobin 6:30:37:43 AM 3:11:42 PM 8:41:30:64 264  
Juan Carlos Hernandez 6:30:39:41 AM 3:25:30 PM 8:55:19:20 332  
Marc Hoffmeister 6:30:36:04 AM 3:55:00 PM 9:24:49:29 447  
David Haines  6:30:53:17 AM 3:59:46 PM 9:29:39:27 467  
Tommy Muir 6:31:27:23 AM 4:22:28 PM 9:52:17:17 565  
Shawn Morelli 6:31:20:77 AM 5:12:49 PM 10:42:37:40 839  
Matt DeWitt  6:31:35:16 AM 5:36:41 PM 11:06:29:88 967  
James Weigand 6:31:35:50 AM 5:36:43 PM 11:06:31:36 968  
Jon Disbro 6:31:36:33 AM 5:50:02 PM 11:19:50:53 1042  
Jordan Bressler  6:31:29:68 AM 5:58:09 PM 11:27:58:13 1095  
Mike Troster 6:31:36:06 AM 6:13:52 PM 11:43:41:17 1206  
Sara Bell  6:31:20:17 AM        

Bruce Gustafson, John Wordin, Mike Tobin and Juan Carlos Hernandez finished in under 9 hours and will receive a gold belt buckle.  John Wordin finished 2nd in the M5 division.
Marc Hoffmeister, David Haines, Tommy Muir, Shawn Morelli, Matt DeWitt, James Weigand, Jon Disbro, Jordan Bressler, and Mike Troster finished under 12 hours and will receive a silver belt buckle.



(I don't know what happened to Sara's times, there have been no more posted after the start, let's hope it's a problem with her chip and not Sara)


UPDATE: Start Times:

NAME # Start Time

Matt DeWitt 
1206 6:31:35:16 AM
Sara Bell  1285 6:31:20:17 AM
Jordan Bressler  1286 6:31:29:68 AM
Bruce Gustafson  1287 6:30:48:32 AM
David Haines  1288 6:30:53:17 AM
Scott Moro  1289
Jim "Gramps" Penseyres   1290
James Weigand 1292 6:31:35:50 AM
Mike Troster 1293 6:31:36:06 AM
Jon Disbro 1294 6:31:36:33 AM
Shawn Morelli 1295 6:31:20:77 AM
Juan Carlos Hernandez 1296 6:30:39:41 AM
Tommy Muir 1297 6:31:27:23 AM
Mike Tobin 1299 6:30:37:43 AM
Marc Hoffmeister 969 6:30:36:04 AM
John Wordin  1110 6:30:57:10 AM

I don't know what happened with Scotty, I'll post when I find out.

Kenneth Butler 1300 - not riding due to injury :-(  He will be at the pipeline feed zone helping and spectating.
Hunter Stoneking - Not riding.
Jim "Gramps" Penseyres AKA "Bubbles" is doing support.

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