Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Trip: Day 1: "Snacks on a Plane"

Okay, so here I am starting my blog about our trip to Hades (Las Vegas) where temperatures were around 120 during the day and 90's at midnight... and then Grand Canyon.   I have to figure out the best way to add or link photos. But first.  Let's talk about the trip.  On Saturday, July 17, 2010, we woke up at 3am Eastern time for our 7am flight. We made it to the airport and checked in without any difficulty.  Our flight left at about 7am and we arrived about 9am Las Vegas time.  I brought snacks "Snacks on a Plane!"  We took the bus to the car rental place.  All the car rental agencies are housed in the same off site building.  We got our car (we got to pick out our own car, which we have never had the opportunity to do on any of our other trips) We found our way out of the car lot and made our way to some apartments that son wanted to see. Not impressed with apts.  We then tried to find someplace to get distilled water for hubby's CPAP machine.  Found a CVS and bought the distilled water and some drinking water bottles. While we were checking out some guys were talking about how someone was killed near by.  "Great" I thought.  Then I thought, "Great, they don't seem too surprised by the news"  Okay, so checked out and headed to the strip and to MGM to eat lunch at rainforest cafe and to meet Jason's friend.  Lunch was only so-so.  If you are in Las Vegas, skip the restaurant, it's a chain and you can probably find one near your home.  I'll review the places we ate as we go. We left MGM and traveled to Flamingo hotel and tried to check in, but it was too early.  We were able to pre-check in and we had to wait for our key.  By this time we have come to realize that Las Vegas has no place to sit except at slot machines and games in the casinos.  I'm sure that is planned so people will sit and play.  We managed to find a place to sit and wait about 1 hour.  Then I went to wait on the line to get my key (yes they do have a special line for keys) And there was this really drunk guy and I'm thinking "this guy is going to fall down" and sure enough, he falls down.  Then he asks me to help him up.  Right... I told him I have a bad back and can't help him.  Somehow he managed to get himself up and stumbled away.  I got my room key and we went up to the room. 9th floor. Nice enough room with an ok view.  We could see the flamingoes from our room.  We relaxed and we ate at the Flamingo buffet.  It was very good.  We then took the monorail to the MGM for the concert of the year: James Taylor and Carole King.  A fantastic concert!!!!  Once in a lifetime event.  We then returned to our hotel room and crashed.  By this time we had been awake over 24 hours!  This actually helped with jet lag because we were awake so long that by the next morning we were on Las Vegas time.  Unfortunately, we also found out over night that hubby's CPAP machine was broken.  Oh no!!! How to get a replacement, stay tuned for Day 2. Day of Sun and Heat....

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