Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Trip: Day 2: Day of Sun(day) and heat

Day 2: Sunday, July 18, 2010 Day of Sun(day) and heat

We did your typical sightseeing in Las Vegas.  Have I mentioned that Las Vegas is VERY HOT?  Dry heat they say.. I don't care, dry, wet 118 is hot and yes I did sweat (I was told you don't sweat).  We carried our own water bottles but there were people everywhere selling cold bottled water for $1.  They seemed to be selling a lot.  We bought our water for $3 for 24 bottles.  If they bought their bottles at a similar price, they can make over 80% profit on each bottle.  I kept wondering what they sell during the winter months??? hot chocolate???  Okay, back to our vacation. After breakfast at Margaritaville, we traveled the strip visiting many of the famous hotels. (and look pictures!!!)

We took the monorail and rode it to the end where we saw the Stratosphere and the Sahara.

 We got back on the monorail and went to the Imperial Palace and Harrahs stop and walked through. Then we crossed the street and  went to the Caesars Palace Forum shops. This mall is very interesting and beautiful.  We walked through to Caesars Palace.


Next, we went to the Bellagio. We saw the glass designs and the magnificent conservatory.

We went outside and spent some time watching the fountains dance.

We returned to our hotel and cooled off for a while. We went to see the famous Las Vegas sign. It's a sign and it's famous and we did stop and park and take pictures with the sign.

We then went to dinner at the Rio hotel.  We waited in a really long line for a while to get in to what is the larges buffet in Las Vegas, the Carnival buffet. It was very good, lots of variety.

After dinner we drove around, went out toward Nellis air force base. We dropped my son's friend off and drove back via Las Vegas Blvd.  This gave us an opportunity to see some of the older hotels and the famous wedding chappels north of the strip.  Then back to the hotel for relaxing evening.
Join me next time for Day 3: Freedom and Red (hot as fire) rocks

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