Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ride 2 Recovery FL Challenge 2011 Day 1

Day 1: Monday, October 24, 2011

I arrived at the Hyatt Hotel Riverfront, Jacksonville, FL last night (Sunday)

This morning I had breakfast and then we set up for registration. Barb Stetina and I worked together to hand out the jerseys to the riders.

I am the nurse on this trip and I had my first bandaging during Registration!!! Let’s hope it’s the last (but I doubt it).

At 3pm we there was an orientation meeting

When I checked in, I was told a roommate would be put into my room so I wouldn’t have to change rooms. At around 4:30pm I found out I was switching rooms, we were meeting at 5:30pm to go to the stadium for tailgate dinner.I rushed to the room, packed up my stuff and moved to the new room.I met my roommate Gayle.There were also men’s belongings in the room.I went down to the front desk and they said there was a mix up and that Gayle and I were going to be in the room I was in Sunday night.So the hotel worker came up and helped move mine and Gayle’s belongings back to my original room.I made it to the bus on time.
We took the bus to the stadium, there was a large tent set up for us, and we had a nice dinner.The food was a little odd: crab dip and crackers, cabbage salad, meat on little rolls, cranberry sauce and a small plate of cookies/brownies that did not last very long.

I found out that monster water in the can is just plain water!

The monster truck/monster lounge was there, I didn’t get any pictures of it, but it’s going to be with us, so I will get some pics.I did get a picture of the ESPN truck.During the game I sat with Barb and Wayne Stetina.The game was boring, we stayed because they were supposed to recognize R2R between the 3rd and 4thquarters, and they didn’t.We left at the beginning of the 4th quarter. There were busses there to take us back to the hotel at that time.

It was after midnight when I got back to the room; I checked my email (and twitter of course) and went to sleep. 

On to day 2......

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