Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ride 2 Recovery FL Challenge 2011 Day 2

Day 2: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The day started with breakfast, yum!  Then I went to a meeting for those who are in the follow cars at 8:30am.  The U-Haul for the luggage was supposed to be ready for us to load at 9am, so I lugged my suitcase to the meeting and then downstairs and the U-Haul wasn’t there (they had to take the bikes to the Mayo clinic, where the ride was starting from and unload and come back, so that took longer than expected.  U-Haul still wasn’t there by 9:45 when our ride meeting was, so we found a place to leave the bags and went to the meeting.  After the meeting (U-Haul still not there) we took the bus over to the Mayo Clinic and they welcomed us.  A gentleman who was in the Polish army in WWII was there, he told how he was shot and in a German POW camp and how after 66 years, the Mayo clinic was able to help him with pain he had from when he was shot in WWII.  He was crying as he told his story.   He also had a great sense of humor and talked about many things.  When he was finished, he received a standing ovation.  It was very moving. 

Then it was time to ride.  The traffic in Jacksonville was challenging.  Being the nurse, I rode along in one of the cars.  Fortunately, my day went well.  No crashes, no major falls, no injuries. 

We got to the hotel, Renaissance in the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, FL.  Time to relax, do some homework and update this blog.  Plans for the evening: drinks, dinner a movie and …..

More later…..

Here's Pictures, sorry, not all are in order.... I gots things to do!!!

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