Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ride 2 Recovery FL Challenge Day 4

Day 4, Thursday, October 27, 2011 Daytona Beach to Cocoa Beach

I woke up early, had breakfast and then took a nice walk on the beach and watched the sun rise.

The ride began in Daytona Beach and went down A1A and then we cut over to US 1 and took that down to Cape Canaveral. We saw a Florida Panther cross the road, but I didn’t get a picture. We then went into the restricted area of Kennedy Space Center (note the female guard with the automatic rifle) and we saw the original launch pad and other sites. (see pictures and videos) It was really exciting.  Oh, and I had the first injury of the day.  Don't worry I'm ok.  Nothing serious.  I got my finger caught in a clasp and had to undo the clasp to get it out.  So, yeah, I got a pinched finger.

Videos from Kennedy Space Center:

We then went to the hotel where the riders were greeted by the fire department and a bagpipe player.
Florida Senator Thad Altman (R) Greeted everyone

We had a police escort all the way to dinner in Titusville. 

When we got to Titusville, the streets were lined with people cheering and waving flags. The fire department was there with their trucks and the ladder truck had the ladder extended over the road with a giant flag attached. When we got to dinner there were a ton of people there to welcome the group. It was amazing. A very warm welcome. (There's something in my eyes).

It was Darlene from Monster's birthday and she brought everyone Monster caps made especially for R2R.  Look closely at the monster cap.

We got Astronaut "freeze dried" ice cream

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